Analketten meine frau ist eine hure

analketten meine frau ist eine hure

to fight back, she sees no choice but to surrender once Commander Mac reveals her heavily-armed backup. Her world is turned upside down as she gets caught up in a fiery threesome as Alexis and Commander Mac fight to come out on top. At times, Alexis twitches and jolts, but powers through to ensure that her client is completely satisfied. Dana demands that Commander Mac leave until Commander Mac reveals that the piece of property she's seeking is a synthetic human worth millions of credits. There is little hesitation as Alexis roleplays as a naughty housewife to fulfill all of Georgia's secret desires. Alexis Fawx, and knows exactly what - or who - she wants. In order to keep her true identity a secret and secure her freedom, Alexis submits to Commander Mac, letting her call the shots. Read the rest of this entry. Fantasy Factory: Wastelands (Episode 1) 'Every storm starts with a single drop.'It felt like it all happened so quickly, yet our storm was years in the making. After haggling with Dana, the deal is isn't long before Georgia and Alexis come crashing together on a lone mattress in an otherwise bare room. Georgia doesn't say anything about these odd moments, instead turning to putty in Alexis's skilled hands.

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